Overhauling our Marketing

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Overhauling our Marketing – A Behind the Scenes look
So you might have noticed that we have a new website, some pretty great professional photos and a corporate video!

We’re pretty proud of what we have been able to accomplish in partnership with our friends from Divine Creative Agency and thought we would share with you a video that we put together to discuss the merits of continually working on your brand the message you put out to the world.

We do this every day in our businesses, and it’s no different for the clients that I service at Catering HQ. Marketing is everything when you have a great message, and getting your message out clearly and succinctly is incredibly important. You need to stay relevant and top of mind with your customers, and that means communicating regularly and consistently across multiple media platforms. We worked very closely with Melissa and her team on our brand positioning and strategy, social media, website, photography and corporate video.

Check out the video and I hope you enjoy our discussion, and if you enjoy bloopers, make sure you watch it right to the very end!!
If you want to get in touch and learn more, feel free to contact us.

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.

Seth Godin

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